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A new publication: My essay "Survivors" at TOSKA Magazine

My short essay “Survivors” has been published in the Fall issue of TOSKA Magazine. This essay is somewhat different than most the work I do — it’s shorter, and more lyric and experimental. I’m glad it found a good home.

TOSKA describes itself this way:

Founded in spring 2012, TOSKA is a quarterly online literary magazine that strives to publish the highest quality nonfiction writing and photography.

With a strict focus on nonfiction, we accept narrative nonfiction, flash nonfiction, biography, autobiography and memoir, experimental, political, historical, LGBT, journalistic works, and most other nonfiction subgenres. We will also consider art, music, book, and media reviews of exceptional quality for occasional publication.

I encourage you to peruse all of the great work in the issue, and to submit if you have work that might be appropriate. I’m honored that TOSKA published “Survivors” — if you check it out and enjoy the piece, please feel free to click “like” or to use the thumbnails below the essay to “tweet” it or “share” it on Facebook. The magazine is encouraging the use of social media to get the word out about TOSKA and the new work they publish.

My thanks to the editors for the work they do producing this new outlet for nonfiction, and for publishing “Survivors.”


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