Faye Rapoport DesPres

Another Part of My Writing Life: GreyCore Literary Services

We’ve all made it to the New Year! (That’s always good news.)

As 2015 begins, I want to mention another side of my writing career: GreyCore Literary Services. This small manuscript consultation/editing/proofreading agency was started by Joan Schweighardt, a long-time friend and colleague who also agented my first book, Message From a Blue Jay. Joan is a wonderful writer (she has authored five published books herself — four novels and a memoir), and she is also a cracker-jack editor, ghost-writer, and author publicist.

Joan brought me on at GreyCore to help provide editing and proofreading services to other writers. It’s tough to put one’s self out there as a paid professional, at least for me, but the fact is that most creative writers have to make a living by doing professional work in other areas. I teach writing as an adjunct professor at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts, and I also write, edit, and proofread professional documents and social media posts for a number of companies (I also edited a full-length dissertation for a PhD student). My true love is creative writing, of course, so I’m really happy to be available for creative editing and proofreading through GreyCore. If you’re interested, send a message through the GreyCore Literary Services Facebook Page, and Joan will get in touch. As a writer herself, she is well aware of the financial challenges many of us face, so she works hard to make the company’s services affordable.

On that note, I’m off to upstate New York this morning for a visit with my mom. Snow is expected on the way there, and rain is expected tomorrow on the way home. Welcome to the Northeast!