Faye Rapoport DesPres

Anyone hail from Lexington, MA?

Just a quick announcement:  I will be teaching an adult education course titled “Writing the Personal Essay” through Lexington Community Education this fall.  The course is scheduled to take place Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. starting Sept. 30, and will run for six weeks.  We’ll be talking about narrative, lyrical, and segmented essays and doing writing exercises in each class.  I’m hoping the class will be a fun and informative opportunity to learn about the genre and practice some craft.

Lexington Community Education has a website here, although it doesn’t appear to be updated yet for the fall. According to the site: “We are located on the first floor of the main building of Lexington High School next to the main office. We are open Monday – Thursday 2PM-9PM during the school year and Monday – Friday 830AM – 3pm during the summer Lexplorations program.”

Lexington Public Schools
251 Waltham St
Lexington, MA
Tel: (781) 862-8043
Fax: (781) 861-2440
Email: info@lexingtoncommunityed.org

I believe the class only runs if there are enough interested students, so If you’re in the area and are interested in writing personal essays, feel free to sign up!