Faye Rapoport DesPres

Congrats to Matt Bogorad (Said the Proud Teacher)

Just a quick note to congratulate Matthew Bogorad for winning the Creative Prose category of the Braun Writing Awards at Lasell College in Boston. Matt’s 10-page personal essay, which he wrote during the Creative Nonfiction Writing Seminar that I taught last semester, won out over many entries in the contest. The win, which includes a $100 prize, was well deserved. “The Transportation of Rodents” is a moving, well-written essay about the final road trip Matt took with his father before his father passed away from a heart attack two years ago. I still can’t read the piece without getting choked up at the end. I remember re-reading one of the paragraphs several times last fall and telling Matt that it was among the best-written paragraphs I’ve read in personal essays. What a pleasure it was to hear him read that paragraph as part of his reading in front of the crowd at yesterday’s award ceremony.

Congratulations to this talented young man!