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Congratulations to Jim Kennedy!

I’ve just heard the most wonderful news — an essay titled “End of the Line” by my friend Jim Kennedy, who is in his third semester at the Solstice MFA Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize! This beautiful, brave essay was originally a finalist in a nonfiction contest sponsored by the journal Creative Nonfiction, and was later published in the journal. The editors nominated it for the prize.

Jim inspires me for many reasons. He works hard, he believes in himself, and he perseveres in the face of adversity (in some cases, the adversity he has survived is beyond tragic…read the essay).

Congratulations, Jim! No one is more deserving.

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One thought on “Congratulations to Jim Kennedy!

  1. Cindy

    I reread Jim’s essay after having heard about his nomination for the Pushcart Prize. I think, perhaps, I never read the essay in its final form because I thought about it for days and days. The essay was startling, tragic and beautiful. certain images will never leave my head. Talk about art. Congratulations to Jim.