Faye Rapoport DesPres

Do you ever have one of those days?

It’s so hot (cooling off with 91 degrees at 4:42 p.m.).  It’s so humid (I know because I have to keep hauling the bucket that collects moisture in the dehumidifier up and down the basement stairs in order to retrieve, empty, and replace it).  I sat out on the back deck early this morning and wrote a couple of hand-written pages that I was hoping would turn into a new essay.  But instead of really focusing, I found myself watching the two feral cats who live in our yard.  They have been “fixed” and vaccinated thanks to a non-profit organization, and are fed everyday thanks to us.  The gray and white male came onto the deck and sat down about two feet away.  He looked at me for a while and I talked to him, and then he started to give himself a bath.  The other one, the white female, is much more wary.  Eventually she followed him onto the deck, giving me sideways glances as she got closer.  She sat down next to the male, and he lifted his paw at her playfully.

I watched them interact for a while, and before I knew it I had been watching cats more than I had been writing.  And like it or not, it was time to head inside to start my freelance work.

Later in the day I wanted to be good.  I started up my laptop.  But my adapter had died, and the spare wasn’t working either.  No laptop for me.

I know, I know, excuses.  But it’s so hot, and so humid.  And I do love watching cats.