Faye Rapoport DesPres

GreyCore Literary Services

I’m now officially part of a venture called GreyCore Literary Services.  GreyCore is the brainchild of Joan Schweighardt, an old friend and long-term colleague.  Joan, who has published four novels of her own and ghost-written several others, used to run a small publishing company called GreyCore Press.  After publishing a number of successful books by other writers and helping some of those books land at larger publishers, Joan folded her press but continued to work as an editor, ghost-writer, and occasional literary agent.

Joan and I met more than 10 years ago when I was living in Rockland County, New York (just across the Tappan Zee Bridge from Westchester County) and freelancing at a small PR agency in town.  We both worked from home and handled clients for the agency, and we struck up a friendship that has lasted over many years and several moves, on each of our parts, to new locations.  Joan now lives in New Mexico, and I live in Massachusetts, but we still partner on some PR/marketing work.  Admittedly, for writers experienced in PR, that type of work tends to be steadier and to pay more of the bills (and we work well as a team).  Still, we both get our greatest fulfillment from working with books and other writers (manuscript critique, writer coaching, editing, proofreading, PR/marketing programs for books), and from doing our own writing.  As a result, Joan recently formalized GreyCore Literary Services and brought me in as her partner.

Check us out at: www.GreyCoreLiteraryServices.com