Faye Rapoport DesPres

I write fiction, too!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.37.24 PMI recently reviewed the proofs for Red Earth Review‘s July issue, which will contain my short story, “Capture the Moon.” This is how the journal describes itself:

Much like the MFA program at Oklahoma City University that shares its name and home, Red Earth Review is genuine, grounded, and fearless. Send us poetry or prose firm in foundation, steadfast in soul and in craft.

I am honored to have my story included in the next issue! I also have to thank a number of friends who answered important questions for me as I researched certain aspects of the story: Dave Jilk, Jackson Carson, Jim Kennedy, and Leo Hannenberg.

Although I have focused most of my writing time in recent years on personal essays and creative nonfiction, this is my fifth fiction publication. I published a short story called “B.B.” years ago in the online journal Void Magazine. I then wrote a short fiction piece called “Jude,” which was published in Whistling Fire, and contributed another short piece called “The Old Man,” a fictionalized play on a previous creative nonfiction piece, to Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. My most “successful” short story has been “Who Let the Cats Out?”, a mystery story with a paranormal twist that won third place in the Buddhapuss Ink short story contest and was published in the anthology Mystery Times Ten 2013 (check out this fun book!). Last year, “Who Let the Cats Out?” was anthologized again in a collection of “feline fiction” titled Nine Deadly Lives (another fun book, especially if you’re a cat lover or have friends who are). So I’m thrilled that “Capture the Moon,” probably my most literary full-length short story, has found such a good home.

Please consider reading Red Earth Review, where you will discover many wonderful writers in different genres. The editors who work on literary journals do so much to bring the work of writers to the world, and I know their readers are much appreciated.

I can’t wait for the new issue!