Faye Rapoport DesPres

It’s been a little quiet here…

I realize my blog has been a little quiet since I wrote about my December brain surgery. Life continues to move forward, and I’ve been busy with the job of living that life. I’m now in the final month of the spring semester at Lasell College, where I’ve been teaching a second-semester academic writing course and mentoring a fiction project. Once the semester ends, I’ll begin planning for the two courses I’ll be teaching this fall: Introduction to Creative Writing and the Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop. I also have a small but regular social media job, and I’ve had family matters that needed attention.

Sometimes it feels as if life moves too quickly and I get too caught up in errands, responsibilities, and frustrations (large and small). It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important — but the “gift” of last December’s surgery, if one can consider any aspect of such an experience a gift, is that I can stop and remind myself that just a few months ago I was scared I might not have the luxury of living my life — errands, responsibilities, frustrations, and all. Then I feel grateful, truly grateful. In those moments it’s enough to curl up on the couch with a cat nearby, feeling happy and secure in our living room. A surprise snowfall blanketed Boston in early April, and I enjoyed every moment of watching the snowflakes through the kitchen window and tossing birdseed and cookies out for the confused birds and squirrels.

It’s been a challenge, however, to focus on my writing. I’ve started a new project, but it’s coming slowly. I’m still just a little more tired than usual, and I’ve been having trouble waking up early every morning to write before the day gets going.

But, no excuses. It’s time to focus, and get to it, and do it.

And I will.