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It’s National Cat Day and Time to Bring Frazier to the World!

Frazier is now available online and at bookstores!

The publication date of Frazier: The Very Special Cat is finally here! Just in time for National Cat Day, the story of Frazier will delight young readers around the world.

Frazier is a real cat, and the book is based on his rescue story. I first spotted Frazier in our backyard after I’d set up a feeding station for feral and stray cats. When I noticed he was injured, I knew I had to bring him inside and get him to a veterinarian. How I did it, and what happened after we learned Frazier would have to have an eye removed, is the story told in the book. And yes, Frazier’s story has a very happy ending.

Frazier: The Very Special Cat is illustrated by Laurel McKinstry Petersen. It’s a heartwarming tale that teaches children aged 3-103 (and beyond) about compassion for stray animals. In addition, this particular Stray Cat Story (it’s the third book in the series) offers a lesson about being different, and how that’s perfectly OK.

Frazier is now available at Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble. You can also support your local bookstore by walking in and asking the staff to order your copies. Wouldn’t Frazier make a great holiday gift? I think so!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all of my children’s books is donated to non-profit animal rescue organizations. If you work for a shelter or rescue and would like a copy for a fundraiser, feel free to contact me.

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