Faye Rapoport DesPres

Joy Castro's NEARER HOME gets Pre-Pub Review in Publisher's Weekly

Just a quick note this morning. Many of you know that Joy Castro, author of THE TRUTH BOOK, HELL OR HIGH WATER, and ISLAND OF BONES, was a faculty member during my tenure at the Solstice MFA Creative Writing program. Joy no longer teaches at the program and I graduated in 2010, but Joy was — and remains — one of the writers and teachers who influenced me most as a writer. I am honored that Joy has also become a friend, and to this day she is one of my favorite essay, memoir, and fiction authors.

Last year Joy’s debut crime thriller, HELL OR HIGH WATER, arrived to much acclaim and positive reader response. On July 16 the sequel, NEARER HOME, will be published. I always pre-order Joy’s books so that I’ll have them in my hands (or on my Kindle) the moment they’re available.

Here’s a link to the pre-pub review in Publisher’s Weekly: http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-250-00458-1

Congratulations, Joy.