Faye Rapoport DesPres

My guest post is up at Superstition Review

When I returned from a two-week trip to Alaska at the end of June, I thought a lot about why I didn’t write while I was there. Normally when I travel, I carry a journal with me and find time to jot down my thoughts and impressions of the things I see and do. Some of those journal entries eventually turn into personal essays. If you read Message From a Blue Jay, you’ll find essays that I wrote about London, Bermuda, Israel, and other places I visited over the years.

TwoEaglesI brought a journal to Alaska, but when I was there I found that I couldn’t write. When I returned, I reflected on the reasons why I took my camera with me everywhere I went, but left my little journal behind.

You can read the post, which is titled “The Lost Words,” here.