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My Latest Published Poem and Microfiction, now online

Sparrows on the bird bath: Faye Rapoport DesPres

I’m so pleased to have a link to the newly published poem, “First Light,” at 433 Magazine. The editors even used one of my own photographs to illustrate the poem. Read “First Light” here.

I’ve been enjoying writing microfiction in the early mornings for some time now. Microfiction provides certain challenges for a writer: the goal is to tell a complete story in very few words. I’m teaching a course in flash fiction right now; in class we talk about choosing which details to include, and which parts of the story must be inferred by the reader. Without many words to work with, you can’t spend much time on character development, for example. The challenge is fun.

One of my latest microfictions has just been published by the journal A Story in 100 Words: Literature in Tiny Bursts. If you have a few moments, read “The Giver” here. This one is for all those givers out there.

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