Faye Rapoport DesPres

New book on the way: a children’s book!


Little White: The Feral Cat Who Found a Home

Finally some news, now that it’s official: I will be publishing a children’s book this year with Writers Coffee Bar Press of New Jersey. The book is tentatively titled, “Little White: The Feral Cat Who Found a Home.” This is a project I’ve been working on for some time;  the text is based on the true story of our own rescued feral, Little White (pictured).

A friend of mine who is an amazing artist/illustrator, Laurel Petersen, is now beginning the process of illustrating the book. Depending on how long the illustration phase takes, we expect the book to be released either in August, on Empty the Shelters Day, or in October, on National Feral Cat Day.

If you are interested in Little White’s story and would like to follow it in the meantime, I started a Facebook page about her a couple of months ago, and it’s getting very popular! Feel free to check it out: