Faye Rapoport DesPres

Poem for Honey, the dolphin left alone in a shuttered aquarium in Japan


I remember
the sun
on my skin.
I remember
the others
who called to me,
cared for me.
I froze
with fear
when the boats
surrounded us,
flailed a good-bye
through the blood
of my mother.

How strange
to ping
painted blue.
How strange
to swim circles,
and dance
for my dinner.

Now, even the people
are gone.

It feels like forever,
as I stare at the sky
so endless and blue,
like the sea
I once knew.

I sing my sorrow
to no one.

To sign the petition to free Honey, visit this link.

And please, tell anyone you know who has the power to help spread the word.

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