Faye Rapoport DesPres

Prime Number Magazine Editors' Selections: Volume 1

Prime Number Magazine Editors' Selections: Volume 1

Our postal carrier jogged up the walk a short while ago carrying a medium-sized cardboard box. I opened the front door and he smiled and handed the box to me, turned around, and continued on his way.  After examining my prize, I realized it contained the copies I’d ordered of Prime Number Magazine‘s first annual print publication: Editors’ Selections: Volume 1.

This is an exciting moment for me. It is the first time I’ve received a print journal containing one of my creative pieces (a creative nonfiction essay titled “Into the Vacuum”). I have had a number of essays published in wonderful online literary journals and one of my poems was published in a print publication called In the Arts a number of years ago. I have also published journalistic articles and interviews in a variety of newspapers and magazines over the years. I appreciated and enjoyed every one of those publications, but this one is special in its own way: it is the first time one of my personal essays has been included in a respected print anthology. When I opened the box and saw the small pile of journals tucked inside the bubble wrap, I definitely felt a thrill.

Of course, my essay is just one of many works in this publication, each of which was chosen from a full year of poems, stories, and essays published in Prime Number Magazine’s online journal in 2011. Timothy Black, Ruth Foley, Sarah Lindsay, Maris Venia, Stephen J. West, John Flynn, Susan Tepper, and Scott Loring Sanders are just a few of the writers whose work appears in this journal, and I’m honored to be included in their ranks.

You can order your copy of Editors’ Selections: Volume 1 here. Your purchase will support the excellent work of Press 53, which published the anthology.

Thank you, and happy reading!