Faye Rapoport DesPres


I’m excited to report that the second book in my Stray Cat Stories children’s book series has a publication date. The book will be published by Writers Coffee Bar Press on August 19, 2019. That happens to be Clear the Shelters Day, which we felt would be perfect for the book’s debut. A portion of the proceeds from all of these children’s books goes to animal rescue organizations, and Tribbs was a real-life cat whom I adopted from a shelter.

Below is an early character study from the book by the wonderful Laurel McKinstry Petersen, the illustrator for the series. A character study helps her get ideas for how she will present the character in the book as her illustrations progress.

Character study of Tribbs as a kitten. Just an early look at the illustrator’s ideas.

Tribbs was a beloved cat who lived to be almost 20 years old. He was a special cat — we called him a “cat among cats” — and I’m happy to be publishing this book based on his true story.

The first book in the series, LITTLE WHITE: THE FERAL CAT WHO FOUND A HOME is available at Barnes and Noble online and on Amazon, the hardcover is significantly discounted right now from its usual price. Your local bookstore can also order you a copy — tell them it’s available from Ingram.

I also donate free copies to non-profit organizations who would like to sell them or auction them off at a fundraiser, and I can work with nonprofits on other ways to contribute to their organizations through sales of the book. You can purchase the book here.