Faye Rapoport DesPres

Shameless plug for my webmaster

I just had to dedicate one blog post to Justin Sablich, my webmaster.  If you’re a writer (or anyone else, really) and are looking to set up your own website or a website for your business, I can’t recommend Justin enough. Not only is he a cracker-jack web page designer who is really affordable, he writes and produces online news for the New York Times. Where else can you find a webmaster who covers the Yankees?

The real reason I want to recommend Justin, though, is because he’s a great person. A few years ago he helped me set up a website about animals, (see OurPlacetoPaws.com) and even though it’s just a little fun website for people and kids who love cats, dogs, and other animals, Justin has made working on it a pleasure. He really cares about animals, his work, and his clients.

Every now and then you meet a really high quality human being — and when you do, it’s nice to pass on the news. So, if you’re looking for web design, contact Justin. Tell him Faye sent you.