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Snow, 10 p.m. last night

Snow, 10 p.m. last night

Boston was hit by a snowstorm last night for the first time in nearly a year. We’ve had the strangest winters over the last few years. Two winters ago we were deluged with mountains of snow for weeks on end, more than most people remembered since a major blizzard paralyzed the city in 1978.

Then, last year, we got almost nothing: an inch of snow covered the ground for a day in January, and that was it.

So for me, last night’s storm was a welcome thing. I love the snow. Watching it fall in the darkness reminded me of the years when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. I used to wake up at 5 a.m. on Saturday mornings to join friends who were driving the two hours into the mountains to ski. The sun rose as we drove and turned the foothills pink.

My theory has always been that if it’s going to be cold, there might as well be snow.

This is just a short note — the day’s commitments are calling. But I wanted to share a photo of Boston’s first beautiful, snowy night in nearly a year.

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