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Some good news from good friends (and good writers)

I have a Facebook group called “Faye’s Writing Friends.” I started the group as an experiment with Facebook lists, hoping to use Facebook’s new features to create a separate list of “Friends” who would be interested in writing-related posts. Of the 250-plus friends I have on Facebook, many who are not writers would not necessarily be interested in writing, publishing, or book-related posts.

Unfortunately, Facebook did its usual thing and made what started as separate lists into something else: groups with all kinds of funky functions. But I’ve kept “Faye’s Writing Friends” up as a group, because some people have been enjoying the interactions that happen there. The group now has more than 75 members. Some are writers or editors I’ve never met in person, but I enjoy getting to know them in the limited way social media allows. I also learn a lot from their own comments or posts about writing.

Occasionally, someone posts some good news about their own writing career at “Faye’s Writing Friends,” and I thought I’d share some of the more recent announcements here. Enjoy.

Karin Gottshall’s poem, “More Lies” has been posted at The Poetry Foundation. I have her book, “Crocus,” and it is full of gentle, gorgeous poems like this one.

Jessica Keener’s debut novel, Night Swim, will be published in January 2012 by Fiction Studio Books.

Ned Stuckey-French’s publisher’s representative asked him five questions at their blog. His answers include shout-outs to Carl Klaus, Dinty W Moore, Ryan Van Meter, Patrick Madden, Bob Cowser, and Debra Monroe. A wonderful interview packed with information for any essayist (or writer).

Val Nieman was pleased with two reviews of her new novel “Blood Clay” in the Charleston Gazette and now Gently Read Literature.

A very short excerpt of Meg Tuite’s upcoming novel, “Domestic Apparition,” is up at Fictionaut.

Congratulations on the accomplishments, everyone. I’m honored that you’ve “friended” me and stayed in my writer’s group.

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