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Some news from me this time

I have a few irons in the fire, so I thought I’d write a quick report on what’s happening in my writing world.

First, my essay “The Deer,” which was published by Eleven Eleven earlier this year, has been chosen for inclusion in an anthology. The anthology, “Generation H,” will feature creative nonfiction from Second Generation writers (children of Holocaust survivors, like myself) and possibly Third Generation writers (grandchildren of Holocaust survivors). I was honored that my piece was chosen by the editor, Slash Coleman. He had some interesting ideas about how I might revise the essay to match the tone of his anthology, and I’ve been working on a re-write. I have always felt strongly about the original version, and will forever be thankful to the editors of Eleven Eleven, especially poet and California College of the Arts professor Hugh Behm-Steinberg, for including it in their journal. But I’m learning through this process that it can be interesting to explore a new approach to a “finished” piece. I’ll call the result an adaptation of the original, and I think each version will stand on its own.

I also was thrilled to learn recently that a fiction piece I wrote, titled “Jude,” will appear in the August 23rd online issue of The Whistling Fire. This is only the second fiction piece I’ve had published; the first was a short story called “B.B.” that I wrote a number of years ago. “B.B.” appeared in the online journal Void Magazine, which sadly is now defunct. “Jude” is pretty different from my usual work; it’s written in the format of a fictional email written from a fictional writer to her ex-boyfriend. I won’t say any more than that; I’ll just post a link to the piece when it’s online.

Finally, Necessary Fiction will publish a formal review I wrote of Meg Tuite’s new novel, Domestic Apparition. I wrote a quick, informal review of that very interesting book on this blog, but I worked up something a bit more professional and thorough for Necessary Fiction.

Once I’ve completed my revision of “The Deer,” (I’m almost there), I plan to get back to work on a couple of essays that are still in draft form from earlier in the summer. And I’m hoping that something new will nudge the muse soon…maybe the rain that just started hitting the road outside my window. It is disappearing into steam as fast as it lands on the pavement. So goes another hot, humid day in Boston.

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