Faye Rapoport DesPres

"The Bird's Nest"

I recently learned that one of my personal essays, “The Bird’s Nest,” has been accepted for publication by the online journal damselfly press.  “The Bird’s Nest” describes an evening I spent in the Emergency Room waiting area at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.  While I waited for news about my mother-in-law, who had fallen out of her wheelchair in her home, the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics were being broadcast on a television mounted on the wall. For those who are interested, I’ll post a link to the piece when it is available online.

Below is some information about damselfly press, taken directly from their website.  Many thanks to the editors!


Our name is derived from the tenacious damselfly, often mistaken for the dragonfly. The damselfly is a unique and highly independent insect capable of aerial acrobatics and has been known to travel as far as 900 miles off the coast to deposit eggs. Her remarkable multi-lens eyes allow her the advantage of examining many aspects of her environment. At damselfly press, we are intrigued by the extraordinary in the ordinary, by the everyday seen through sundry lenses. We value writing that soars beyond common perceptions.


damselfly press seeks to promote exceptional writing by women whose voices have not been heard enough. We welcome work from female writers of all backgrounds and experiences. We accept fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that is honest and daring, and explores the relationship between dualities. Joy, pain. Boldness, vulnerability. Sacred, profane. Be passionate about your writing, and explore the truth that lies within. There is truth even in fiction; make us believe what you have to say.