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The Coolness of Joy Castro's Blog





If you’re interested in a blog that is literary, meaningful, warm, funny, and more, check out author Joy Castro’s blog. Many of you know that Joy was one of my teachers at Pine Manor College’s MFA Program. She, and her work, have been major influences on my writing and writing life.

Although Joy is no longer on the faculty at Pine Manor (she teaches at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln), she continues to enrich the world of every writer who knows her (and many who don’t) by posting about the literary life on her blog. She also invites readers to learn about the publishing process, as she details her own journey alongside agents, publishers, and editors toward the completion of various book projects. Joy is an essayist, memoirist, and most recently, a thriller writer. Since my own work is not being ferried by town car to important readers in New York, it’s pretty cool to read about the travels of Joy’s manuscripts. And the best thing is, she’s so human. No intimidation required.

I can’t wait until Joy’s new book, HELL OR HIGH WATER, hits the shelves in Spring 2012, thanks to Macmillan St. Martin’s.

(Graphic credit to Joy Castro’s Blog, of course!)

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