Faye Rapoport DesPres

The teaching semester comes to an end

It’s been a while since my last post. I got caught up in the work involved in teaching two creative writing courses at Lasell College during the fall semester. Admittedly, my own writing suffers when I teach (and do the necessary freelance writing and editing work on the side). Blogging is one of the things that tends to drop down on the list of priorities during the semester. Yesterday I taught my last class for the fall, and I’ve completed all of my grading. So, now I can take a breath and look around.

I have thought about eliminating this blog from the website; I’d hate for the site to look “un-tended.” Also, if I put a lot of energy and thought into blog posts (which I usually do), then I wonder if I am taking that energy and effort away from other types of writing, including writing that might be published in other forms or forums.

Still, there is something appealing about having one’s own blog and sharing one’s thoughts and ideas whenever time allows and the right muse hits. So, for now, the blog is still here.

Of course, the desire to get back to my own creative work is strongest of all during this break from teaching, so we’ll see how it goes.