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Weathering Sandy

I have never experienced sustained winds and rains quite like those from Hurricane Sandy. The storm battered the Eastern Seaboard yesterday, and although the Boston area wasn’t in its direct path, the region experienced quite a beating, especially along the coast.

Thankfully, our household (Jean-Paul and me, several very nervous indoor cats, and even our outdoor feral cat, who stayed safely in her insulated cat house) weathered the storm without any real problems or any major damage. Our power blinked off once or twice, but it came back on immediately. Some tree branches also came down, and one small window blew out of our basement. The above photo shows our yard the morning after, littered with a thick blanket of wet leaves. Leaves are everywhere — stuck to the sides of the house, to car windows and roofs — everywhere.

But nothing serious. Nothing a bit of wood and a couple of nails, a good rake, and some yard work won’t fix.

We feel very lucky. Our thoughts are with New York, New Jersey, and everyone in the states and communities that were more seriously affected by this monster storm.

May your power return soon. Stay safe.

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