Faye Rapoport DesPres

What is “Success” for a Writer?

My publisher, Huntsville Independent Press, started the new year by publishing a guest post I wrote for their blog. In the post, I talk about the definition of “success” for a writer — at least, how I define success. Here’s the beginning…click over to HIP to read the rest.

This morning I completed a Peloton workout on my father’s old treadmill. The workout involved running and walking, and after it was over I decided to do a little more. I started a 10-minute add-on, thinking a short add-on workout would be easy.

Fat chance. After I hit the “start” button, the instructor cheerfully announced that today we’d be doing 10 minutes of hill sprints.

Now, friends, I’m not a natural runner. I stand at five foot one. I wasn’t gifted with the legs of a gazelle or endless lung capacity. I run (and walk) because it helps me achieve my goal to stay fit and healthy. And when it comes to Peloton, I’ve made a deal with myself: once a workout begins, I can’t opt out — even if it’s more than what I bargained for.

So, I took a deep breath and did the darn hill sprints.

You might ask: what do hill sprints have to do with writing or publishing?

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