Just a quick note to thank the readers who have been reviewing Soul to Soul: Tiny Stories of Hope and Resilience on Amazon, BN.com, and/or Goodreads (you don’t have to buy the book from one of these sites to review it there). Online reviews are so important to a book and an author. Many of these websites tally the number of reviews a book gets as part of the algorithm they use when deciding which books to promote. More importantly, new readers get a sense of a book’s popularity when they see the book has been purchased and reviewed many times. They can learn about the book and decide and whether they might be interested in purchasing their own copy for themselves or a friend.

So, if you’ve reviewed Soul to Soul — thank you. And if you have a copy of the book and have the time to add a review, it would be so appreciated.

In the meantime, enjoy the book! (You can order a copy direct from the publisher for the lowest price: https://www.huntsvilleindependent.com/product-page/STS).