Lately I’ve been teaching a Saturday morning creative writing class for 7th graders. The class takes place on Zoom, and I’m working with the students to write science fiction stories.

In the meantime, I was invited to present a Symposium webinar on “Submitting to Literary Journals” with Pipeline Artists. The webinar happened last night, and it was a wonderful opportunity to share my experience to help more writers publish their work. I was thrilled with the positive response. If you missed it and are interested, a recording of the presentation will soon be available for download on their website.

This is just a short reminder that teaching can be a wonderful way to “pay it forward” to children or adult learners. The fantastic side effect is that teaching about writing or the writing life improves your own writing and experience as a writer. Teachers can learn from reviewing subject material, as well as from the questions and work of their students. So if you have the opportunity and inclination to teach, I recommend it.

As for the beautiful cardinal I photographed some time ago, he’s just here just to say hello.