Titling her review “Charming Book,” a reader named Gloria R. wrote this in her five-star review of Soul to Soul: “So much emotion conveyed in these short stories. A delight to read…Pick up this book when you have a little time and enjoy whenever you need a positive lift in your day. Each short story gives you food for thought. The book is beautifully Illustrated as well. 100 stories of 100 words each…very special.”

If you have read Soul to Soul, I’d so appreciate it if you would leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Even if you didn’t buy the book on Amazon, it helps readers who shop there to see what other readers think. It also helps raise the book’s visibility when more reviews are listed.

Interestingly, my publisher’s goal is to sell many more books directly than through the popular Amazon platform. As many authors and publishers know, Amazon takes a huge amount of the sale price when books are sold on their platform, leaving little profit for the press (with even less leftover for royalties for the author). So, Huntsville Independent Press sells the book directly here, for a lower price and now, with much faster service.

The lovely illustration in this post is by Artist Anya Lauchlan, and accompanies the first story in the collection, “Ninth Inning.” Seeing her work is half the joy of reading this book.

Thank you, everyone, for your interest in this very special book.