The first questions I’m asked in my new interview with Five Directions Press are phrased this way: Your new story collection, Soul to Soul: Tiny Stories of Hope and Resilience, includes 100 stories, and each of them is 100 words long. This kind of precision, I believe, imparts a sense of harmony for the reader. What is the payoff for you as a writer? What inspired this format?

In response, I talk about how I kind of fell into the craft and art of writing 100-word stories, also known as “drabbles.” I also discuss a variety of writing and book-related topics. What can readers can expect from “flash fiction?” Why do readers tend to feel that in my work I “write from the heart?”

I also give tips for using my new book, Soul to Soul: Tiny Stories of Hope and Resilience, in the classroom.

Thank you to prolific novelist, memoirist, and children’s book author Joan Schweighardt for interviewing me for Five Directions Press. Readers and writers, enjoy the interview here.